Strengthen Organizational Character, Excellence, and Security

Nuanes Consulting Provides:

Pre-Employment Backgrounds, Work Place (Internal) Investigations, and  Policy Review



Nuanes Consulting strengthens organization character, excellence, and security by providing factual, timely, and confidential pre-employment backgrounds and workplace (internal) investigations. We also review police policy and can assist in policy development.

What We Do:

  • Conduct site-based or remote background investigations with depth based on contract specifications.
  • Expertly conduct government workplace investigations. 
  • Tailor all services to meet organizational needs and format.
  • Use a third party (best practice) investigative approach to provide confidential workplace investigations; thereby, mitigating conflict of interest and eliminating the need for outsourcing the investigation to a neighboring agency.
  • Conduct law enforcement policy assessments and policy development.
  • Assist police agencies prepare for CALEA on-site assessments.

Nuanes Consulting eliminates the need for a fulltime employee, permanent work space, benefits, and other ancillary expenses.