Strengthen Organizational Character, Excellence, and Security

Nuanes Consulting Provides:

Pre-Employment Backgrounds, Work Place (Internal) Investigations, and Policy Review



Nuanes Consulting enhances organizational character, excellence, and security through the provision of factual, timely, and confidential pre-employment background checks and internal workplace investigations. Additionally, we offer expertise in reviewing police policies and can assist in policy development.

Our Services:
1. Conduct comprehensive background investigations, either on-site or remotely, tailored to contract specifications.
2. Expertly handle government workplace investigations.
3. Customize all services to align with organizational requirements and preferences.
4. Utilize a third-party investigative approach to ensure confidentiality in workplace investigations, thereby reducing conflicts of interest and eliminating the necessity of outsourcing to external agencies.
5. Perform assessments of law enforcement policies and contribute to policy development.

Nuanes Consulting offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time employees, providing permanent workspace, offering benefits, and incurring other associated expenses.